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Storing your car over winter?  Read this blog to see the best products and tips for your car
We recommend - WinterPro Car Cover, Wheel Covers, Car Cover Net, Additional Straps, Locking Kit

So with winter fast approaching its time to think about putting that car away until the sun is shining next year. Bring on the sun!!

winter car storage

Anyway this is the here and now, we need to get the cars under cover and away from the harsh elements. I think the best place to start would be the car cover, you need to think is this a winter only storage or do you need something for the summer as well? If winter only is for you than the WinterPRO is a great choice. I'm not going into detail on each cover as we have that covered (no pun intended) just follow the links. But the WinterPRO will give you about 6 months of the year cover as its only suitable up to 21c due to the rubbery type material not suitable for high temperature and strong sunlight.  But as a winter cover you cannot go wrong.

Winterpro car cover
We recommend the WinterPro Car Cover for long term winter storage

So your answer was winter and summer coverage. Ok then we would recommend an ExtremePRO or the WeatherPRO again follow the links to see more detail on each cover. The ExtremePRO is our most expensive cover featuring a unique material with a soft inner lining. Our most popular cover is the WeatherPRO a great all-rounder that customer seem to love. The price is aimed at the mid range so affordable to most that want quality and reliability in a tailored car cover. Water proof and breathable but can be used all year round, a good one to look at.

Now you have your car cover what else do you need? I would look at the Additional Strap kit, this is a cheap way to get you car cover more securely attached to the car should you live in windy areas. For complete reassurance the Car Cover Net is the better option, holding the car cover to the car in every way, great for seaside locations or high up in the hills when high wind can be a issue.

Car Cover net
The Car Cover Net gives extra reassurance in windy conditions.
Read our car cover net blog for more details 

additinal strap kit for car covers
Alternatively the Additional Strap Kit helps keep your car cover in place 

Spending all this money on equipment is great but you might be worried about it going missing overnight! Well we have thought of this in the way of a locking kit. A simple device that helps keep the cover firmly attached to the car. Placing the steel cable (plastic coated) through the car cover and netting (if fitted) under the car and through the other side of the car cover will deter any would be thief all at a very small cost.

car cover locking kit
Consider using a locking kit to deter thieves

We are almost at the end of Winter Storage blog but it would be wrong of me not to mention our range of wheel covers. Becoming a very popular must have item for car storage is the Wheel Cover. This great little cover protects the wheels and tyres from the elements, simple to fit and inexpensive, this  could save you money on damaged rims and tyres. Removal of the wheel is not required as a section of the side wall is removed to help fitting.

wheel covers
Don't forget your car wheels need protection from the elements too

With everything I have discussed you should be in a better position to make an informative decision about storing your car over winter from a cover point of view.



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