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A Car Cover Net is a simple but effective way to help keep a car cover in place on your car.
Why do I need this I hear you say......well as much as we try to design car covers that stay in place despite what the weather can throw at us there can be times when a cover on its own is just not enough. The other use for  a Car Cover Net is when you want to tow a car on a trailer with a car cover fitted, under normal circumstances this is not a good idea and can be very dangerous particularly when towing at speeds on a motorway etc.  Anyone following your trailer might get a car cover across their wind screen, it won't take much working out how that will end....badly! So fitting a Car Cover Net will help keep everything in place whether it's on a trailer or on a windy hillside.

So what is a Car Cover Net?

Car Cover Net up Close

Basically manufactured from very strong woven material, the netting is made up of 25mm x 25mm squares x 2mm diameter cord forming the construction of the netting.  In addition to the netting is a bungee cord (8mm diameter) running around the entire hem of the netting, this keeps the netting firmly in place when fitted to the car.

The bungee cord  also has a unique use in as much as you can adjust the shape of the netting  simply by untying the knot and rethreading the bungee through the netting to the shape required. Also should you require a tighter fit then simply make the bungee shorter by repositioning the knot to the required length, all simple stuff.

Car Cover Net Knot Bungee

Another nice feature is the netting has a "Front " label, this is helpful when you reshape the netting  as you will want to get the netting the correct way around each time you re-attach the netting to the vehicle.

Car Cover Net Small Car

We have two sizes available one for small cars up to 4.3 meters long and the other size for cars up to 5.1 meters long. You can even use the lagers size netting for medium sized SUV type vehicles such as an Audi Q5 as in our top photo in this blog. This is a simple and well thought out gadget that is a must have item if you suffer from problems keeping your car cover in place. The Car Cover Netting is supplied in a sturdy storage bag to help keep things neat and tidy. 

Car Cover Net Storage Bag

For anyone looking to see the netting in action check out the video ´


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