WinterPRO from £106.00
The WinterPRO car cover gives the ultimate protection to cars throughout the winter. Best suited in colder climates, it is for use in temperatures below 70f / 21c and ideal for long term winter storage.
Protects your car from rain, snow ice, dust, birds, animals, tree sap, knocks and scratches.
Fitted – all our car covers are fitted to your car make and model. We have hundreds of patterns to fit the profile of your car, not generic sizing. Many covers come with mirror pockets depending on the car make, model and year.
Fabric – Tough outer skin and non woven inner lining for total protection. The highly developed fabric has a tough waterproof outer skin that has a rubberised texture

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Elasticated front and rear hems hold the cover securely in position Elasticated front and rear hems hold the cover securely in position

Roof vents are fitted to the WinterPRO car cover to assist dispersal of damp and condensation
Double stitching and heat sealed seams complete the waterproofing ensuring unrivaled strength and a soft inner lining prevents paintwork from damage. Security eyelet is sewn into the fabric to accommodate a locking kit (available separately)

Two underbody straps keep the cover securely in place. Every attention to detail has been studied; even the straps have additional silicone covers as an extra precaution
Includes sturdy zipped bag

WinterPRO Bag and straps

 Optional locking kit for extra security. The WinterPRO car cover has an eyelet sewn into both sides of the cover allowing the steel plastic coated cable to pass through the eyelet, under the car and through the eyelet on the other side. Padlock is attached to the cable to prevent removal of car cover 

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WinterPRO Car Cover Comparison

Car Cover Comparison