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Tips for Winter Driving

With all the talk of a bad winter around the corner, driving conditions can be more challenging than any other time of year. Icy roads, poor visibility and an increased risk of breakdown means we drivers need to adapt the way we drive and be alert in case of danger.

There are a number of things that we can all do to minimise risks, planning journeys and preparing the car before we travel. Always take extra care and allow plenty of time to get to your destination.

 Allow plenty of time to defrost your vehicle

If you not lucky enough to have your car garaged or you are out of de-icer, use your air conditioning to defrost your windows. Turn up the heat, select the windscreen option and make sure your vents are directed towards your side windows.

Never leave your car unattended with the engine switched on. Although it is tempting to crack on with other things whilst your car is warming up, your insurance will be void if your keys are in the ignition.

Note: For a simple solution a half size car cover is an easy way to keep your car frost free so no more having to de-ice in the early hours of the morning. Easy to pop on and take off it really is a great way to start the day!

half size car cover



Drive to the Conditions accordingly

When driving in icy conditions, keep your distance from other vehicles as your stopping distance increases considerably. On snowy and icy roads, stay in high gear using low revs.

Be Prepared

In case you stumble upon unlucky times, make sure you are prepared. Make an emergency kit and keep it in your car. This should consist of blankets, first aid kit, phone charger (in case you need to call for help), water, a torch and some non perishable snacks. Anything you think you may need, take it, it is much better to have these items and not need to use them than wish you had them, especially if you are planning a long journey.

Above safely!!

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