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A study by Autoglym has revealed that your car’s paintwork is being damaged by a combination of sun, warm conditions & bird droppings, and contrary to popular belief the birds mess itself has no corrosive properties at all.

Researchers studied the process to find out how paint damage in caused when a bird deposits its mess all over your pride and joy. Here is what they found.

When the sun is beating down or in hot conditions the paint lacquer warms, softens and expands. Whilst this is happening the droppings heat up and essentially bake onto the surface. When the sun goes in and the temperature then drops the car cools and contracts, moulding to the uneven surface of the hardened dropping.

Unfortunately for us the result is a dulled, textured paint surface leaving your perfect car with an imperfect appearance.

Autoglym themselves have said that waxes and polishes that combat chemical wear such as UV rays and acid rain will provide limited protection against birds mess.

Birds mess and soft top convertible roofs are a nightmare waiting to happen, the mess gets into the weave of the mohair roof and becomes very difficult to clean.

Opting for a car cover gives you peace of mind that those pesky birds won’t even catch a glimpse of your perfectly polished car never mind depositing their mess all over it. Our car covers come in varying degrees of protection, they’re tailored to your make and model with under body straps to ensure that the cover isn’t going to blow away or become detached from your vehicle.

With a WeatherPRO, ExtremePRO or SummerPRO outdoor car cover you can also benefit from protection against tree sap, dirt, sunlight, cats and other pests. If you car is stored in a barn or similar outbuilding even our SuperSoftPRO or DustPRO indoor car cover will protect against birds and their droppings.

DustPRO Car Cover


Our car covers are machine washable and if birds are your biggest problem we recommend washing or wiping the cover regularly. You could even go for a half size cover that can be whipped on and off daily.

Also, if you’re heading away on holiday for any length of time and will not be around to clear the mess off your car immediately then you can be safe in the knowledge that your car is covered and protected.

We have even had customers report of Seagulls targeting their dark coloured cars, the silver car sitting pretty on the driveway whilst the black car is peppered with birds mess. If anyone knows why, please enlighten us!




Thank you for addressing a very common problem. I found this article very helpful and decided to buy a car cover from this company after reading it. I gave them a call and they were very helpful, couldn’t ask for a better company to deal with and a great product too!

Mar 06, 2018

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