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About the SuperSoftPRO
An exceptionally soft indoor car cover with a luxury feel, the SupersoftPRo is one of our specially chosen indoor covers for the PRO range.  Manufactured from a quality high tear strength fabric, it has a soft sheen polyester top layer and a super soft fleece underside. This will keep your paintwork protected and in top condition.   

Why cover a garaged car? 
Cars stored indoors can be subjected to dirt, dust and unintentional knocks and scratches (particularly if space is tight).  Condensation can also be an issue at certain times of the year so a breathable cover is important.  And if your garage has a window, a cover will stop prying eyes seeing your pride and joy.

Fitted to your car’s shape
It is a fitted/tailored cover which means it fits your car make and model and is not generic sizing.  This ensures the cover not only looks great but it stays in place too, in most cases mirror pockets are built into the design (please see photo above to see if this pattern has pockets fitted).  

We work closely with our manufacturer and customers to ensure a great fit every time. To enhance the fit the fabric has a slight stretch and together with elastic front and rear hems it will fit snugly to the car.  

In stock at our UK warehouse, available for next day delivery 

For cars stored in public places you may wish to purchase an additional locking kit, the cover has eyelets inserted into the fabric for this purpose.


SuperSoftPRO Car Cover

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Elasticated front and rear hems hold the cover securely in position.

SuperSoftPRO Front Rear Hems

Double stitched hems for strength and long life.
Security eyelet is sewn into the fabric to accommodate a locking kit (available separately)

SuperSoftPRO underside and eyelet

Two underbody straps keep the cover securely in place. Every attention to detail has been studied; even the straps have additional silicone covers as an extra precaution.
Includes sturdy zipped bag

SuperSoftPRO Bag and Strap

Optional locking kit for extra security. The SuperSoftPRO car cover has an eyelet sewn into both sides of the cover allowing the steel plastic coated cable to pass through the eyelet, under the car and through the eyelet on the other side. Padlock is attached to the cable to prevent removal of car cover

ExtremePRO Strap and Lock

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SuperSoftPRO Car Cover Comparison

 SuperSoftPRO Car Cover Comparison