Volvo Car Covers

We supply an outstanding range of fitted Volvo Car Covers. Volvo cars have always made cars with safety at the forefront of their designs, most people have the opinion they are slow and ordinary! In fact Volvo raced a Volvo 860 Estate in the British Touring Car Championship in 1994, this was quite a sight. Volvo has been building cars for a long time and classic cars such as the Amazon and P1800 is very sought-after and collectible. But Volvo has also joined the ever increasing market of SUV and 4X4’s with the XC60 and XC90 on offer. In order to keep you classic or modern day estate or SUV in great shape we suggest keeping it covered and extending the life of your Volvo.

All the car covers are a tailored or custom fit to your make and model not the usual 5 different sizes that are found on many online stores! Choose from Indoor DustPRO or SuperSoftPRO, outdoor WinterPRO, SummerPRO or all year protection WeatherPRO and ExtremePRO but be rest assured you are buying a quality product with years of service.

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