As a Specialist Car Cover company we supply covers to fit a great many shapes of car and the Sports Car is among one of the most popular. We have covered Aston Martin, BMW, MG and Porsche just to mention a few. We understand that a lot of Sports Car enthusiasts will only want to drive during the summer months so will require a winter storage cover, for this we would recommend the WinterPRO car cover a great solution to this problem. But cars will suffer at the mercy of the sun just as much as the cold and wet .......we have that covered too. A SummerPRO or Half Size car cover is perfect for this application, nice and lightweight and portable great to keep the unwanted UV rays at bay. Now someone will say why do I have to purchase two covers? in fact you don't, the WeatherPRO or ExtremePRO will do it all, summer, winter all year round protection an all in one cover from Every Car Covered.

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