Peugeot Car Covers

We supply a fantastic range of fitted Peugeot car covers. Peugeot is a major French car brand, part of PSA Peugeot Citroën, the second largest carmaker based in Europe, founded in 1882. You don’t see many cars from 1882 but you do see the 1980’s cars such as the 205 GTi, when this car was launched it was going head to head with the VW Golf GTi and did very well at keeping us very interested in the Peugeot offerings for many years. The range of cars from Peugeot is huge especially catering for the small car market with the 106, 107 and 207. The list seems endless but Peugeot have just produced the RCZ in 2010, this car is a bit special as was the 205 GTi of yester year.

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As with any car they all need looking after so Every Car Covered is here to help.
We offer car covers that are a tailored or custom fit to your make and model not the usual 5 different sizes that are found on many online stores! Choose from Indoor DustPRO or SuperSoftPRO, outdoor WinterPRO, SummerPRO or all year protection WeatherPRO and ExtremePRO but be rest assured you are buying a quality product with years of service.