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Kalahari Car Covers are our luxury brand of indoor car covers. Manufactured from a super stretch, luxury fleece material that will give your car a superior look, even when covered. It will protect your vehicle from scuffs, scratches, dust and prying eyes. Paint fade is also eliminated through UV resistance of the fabric

Custom made to exacting sizes, the Kalahari is designed to fit the profile of the car following the contours of every curve

Soft fleece fabric is a strong and stretchy. The finely woven fabric helps to repel dust and the soft fleece, non abrasive inner underside ensures the paintwork is kept in perfect condition

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Elasticated front and rear hems complete the snug fit


Fully breathable fabric that will allow moisture to evaporate. Even garaged cars can be prone to dampness and condensation so it is important that the fabric allows for moisture to evaporate through it

Personalise your indoor car cover with a choice of 9 of the latest in style colours. Then select a contrasting piping colour of your choice

Includes sturdy zipped bag

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