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An excellent quality shampoo, this product will add life to any wax previously applied to your vehicle and leave beading after washing even on an unwaxed car. It works great in cold water and is greatly improved if used with warm water.  Advanced Poseidon Car Shampoo is PH Neutral meaning it will not strip the car of any protective wax or sealant applied previously or leave a greasy film on the bodywork – which is exactly what washing up liquid will do, it’s just not worth it folks!


A special blend of cationic and polymers remove dirt with ease and leave a protective, gloss enhancing layer on your paintwork which will prolong the life of any wax applied to the car already and a water repelling finish to aid the drying process. A perfectly balanced, gentle product with fantastic cleaning power.

Your wash mitt will glide with ease removing dirt and grime effectively.

You only need 10 – 25ml per 5L of water meaning that this bottle of shampoo will last a while and makes the 1L option extremely cost effective, plus it smells good too!

How to use Advanced Poseidon Car Shampoo

  • Dilute 10-20ml of shampoo in 5L of water.
  • Work the whole car paying particular attention to stubborn dirt.
  • We highly recommend the use of Grit Buckets.

As you can see our grit buckets are different colours, use one bucket of water to rinse the used mitt, and a second bucket to load back up with shampoo. Take a look at the buckets after we tipped out the water, the dirt that you can see at the bottom of the bucket is grit, and if not rinsed off properly it will scratch your paintwork.

  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Thoroughly dry with a microfibre cloth. If the cloth has a label, remove it before getting to work on your car. Even a label can leave tiny scratches on your paintwork.


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Bob Brown:

I was given the Poseidon Car Wash as a present for my 81st birthday. I am very pleased with the performance, it cleaned the car effortlessly and gave a lasting shine too. In all my 81 years I have never had such a good car cleaning product. I have just purchased some more as I dont want to run out.

Mar 13, 2017

Robert Pal:

I have purchased a Stormforce cover for my beloved e46 M3. After using a few other makes of cover and being disappointed (some died after a week!) in them i have searched and came across the Stormforce. I have purchased it form JustRoadsters (this company) and it came within 2 days after an easy over the phone transaction. I have been using it since over a year now outside and it is the best thing i have bought for my car yet (well except a supercharger!). It is extra durable UV protective, Breathable and tailor fitted to my car. The straps (brilliant unique addition) and the hem secures it perfectly onto the car with no movement in the wind and the locking feature is an extra genius addition. I can not recommend this product highly enough, it worth every penny. Yes there are cheaper products out there but not with this level of sophistication, and if you have forked out thousands on your pride and joy the price of this for the piece of mind and quality wont hurt!
Other then a fantastic product i can not praise enough the professionalism and friendliness of Just roadsters (every car covered). I have dealt with Natalie and she was a superstar i wish all companies and customer care services would be like this. Many thanks again and hope to do business again.

Jul 08, 2016

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