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We get so many questions about condensation on cars that we thought we it a good idea to write a post about it.  But feel free to contact us if you need anymore help.

Condensation is a common problem in UK and worse during Spring and Autumn when we experience cold nights and warm days.  Condensation is a science that we can’t prevent and when it comes to cars it is something we can’t control.  The humidity level inside the car is much higher than on the outside causing dampness.

condensation and car covers


When using a car cover it is common to find that dampness is still there underneath the cover during these problem times of the year. Normally found early morning before the sun has had a chance to heat things up a little.  Many people assume that it is the car cover at fault but no car cover can actually stop condensation.

The best advice is to purchase a car cover that is manufactured from a breathable material.  These types of car covers don’t trap the moisture in they allow the moisture to escape through the fabric. This is the main purpose of a breathable cover and why we try to promote our WeatherPRO car cover that is made from a 4 layered breathable material, ideal for condensation issues.


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