Fitted Car Covers for All Types of Cars

1. Clean your car! You can scratch your cars paintwork if you put the car cover on a dirty or dusty car – always ensure it is clean

2. Many car covers are generic sizing which means it very unlikely to fit very well, generic car covers tend to flap and tear in the wind.  Fitted covers are made to fit the profile of your car make and model and this keeps it securely in place.

Fitted car Covers

3. Aerials need to be removed when fitting a car cover, in most cases they can easily be unscrewed.  If you have a shark fin antenna it is best to cover it with a soft sponge to prevent damage to the car cover.

4. Not all car covers are made the same but a quality car cover will clearly state that it has an anti-scratch inner lining.

5. A car cover doesn’t prevent condensation but a good quality car cover that is breathable will allow the moisture to escape.

Breathable car covers

6. Even a car cover is temptation to a thief.  Good quality car covers have eyelets sewn into the fabric to allow a lock and cable to be used.  This should be enough to stop temptation.


Car cover Lock

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