Valet Pro Large Pro Dry Drying Towel 80 cm x 50 cm

A high quality microfibre Large Pro Dry Drying Towel . The microfibre Large Pro Dry Drying Towel is ultra plush and features a thick pile to lift, trap and hold dirt particles away from your car's delicate finish. The smooth seams ensures even the softest paint will not get scratched or marred as you rub it across the surface.

The Pro Buff Microfibre Towel is double-sided. You can use the blue side of the towel for the initial wipe and then flip over to the yellow side for the final buff. This ensures you don’t confuse the clean side of the towel for the dirty side and accidentally scratch your vehicle’s finish.  

The Large Pro Dry Drying Towel is an extremely versatile microfibre towel that works equally well with quick detailer. While its nap is thick enough to trap dirt and dust particles, it won’t cause unwanted drag which could potentially scratch the finish.  

Size: 80cm x 50cm (31 x 20 inches)

How to care for your towel.