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A simple but impressive product, ValetPro’s glass cleaner is incredibly effective even on first wipe. This product will remove bugs, grime, tobacco stains and even your kids jammy biscuit fingerprints, you can use this cleaner inside and out, including on your mirrors. Expect zero streaking or smearing (which can be hugely distracting when highlighted by another cars headlights!)plus, if used alongside a glass specific microfiber cloth you can buff this cleaner to a high shine.

Silicone free, environmentally friendly and non abrasive, ValetPro glass cleaner does not contain any alcohol or spirits to help evaporate the product meaning you have longer to work on removing stubborn grime. It is safe to use on all surfaces including window tint film and in Body Shops.

How to use Glass Cleaner

Spray onto glass or mirrored surface.

Using a microfiber cloth, work away any grime.

Buff to a shine.


Here are our before and after shots!





Daniel Baker:

I really liked this glass cleaner, it leaves a no smear shine and I will definitely be buying some more soon. It came in the post very quickly too!

Mar 13, 2017

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