Winter Outdoor Car Covers Monsoon

Winter Outdoor Car Covers for Maximum protection (Monsoon). If you are looking for a waterproof car cover to protect your vehicle against the winter elements then this is the outdoor car cover for you! It protects your vehicle from rain, snow, sunlight, dust, dirt, tree sap, birds, scratches and is ultraviolet resistant to help prevent paintwork from fading. Roof vents are fitted to the winter outdoor car cover to assist dispersal of damp and condensation.

Best suited as winter outdoor car covers , it is for use in temperatures below 70f / 21c. The waterproof car covers ideal for long term winter storage.

Tailored/Fitted. The waterproof Monsoon car covers are tailored to your exact car make, model and year - not just the usual 3 sizes that some car cover retailers offer. It has heavy duty elasticated hems around the front and back of the car cover ensuring a snug fit and comes complete with underbody securing straps, so however stormy the weather your winter outdoor car covers will stay in place.

Quality materials. A robust waterproof outer skin gives maximum protection to your vehicle. Double stitching and heat sealed seams complete the waterproofing and ensure unrivalled strength and a soft inner lining prevents paintwork from damage. Roof vents are fitted to the winter outdoor car covers to assist dispersal of damp and condensation and as an extra precaution the under body straps have soft silicone fastener covers to prevent damage.

Sturdy zipped Storage Bag is included with the winter outdoor car cover.

Optional locking kit can be purchased at an additional price of £12.00. The waterproof car covers are fitted with security eyelets allowing the security cable to pass through, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Additional. The winter outdoor car cover is designed to fit standard cars without any additional fittings. If your vehicle has extras fitted ie. rear spoiler, front splitters/spoilers please contact us first before ordering and we can discuss your requirements.

Winter Car Covers - Waterproof and Heavyweight

All Year Protection

2 Year Warranty The Winter Heavyweight car cover comes with a two year warranty against product failure.
14 day money back guarantee We automatically issue a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your product. Just return the car cover clean and in its original packaging and a we will happily refund or send an alternative cover.



Rear All year protection

Air vents

Front All Year Protection

Mirror pockets *

Mirror Pockets

Elasticated hems

Rear All year protection Down

Underbody securing straps

Straps underbody

Security eyelets


Double stitched seams

Cover close up

Sturdy storage bag

Storage Bag

* Door mirror pockets are only included on models where the mirrors are large and obtrusive.